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Redefine® Self-Manifest® Suite is supported by a host of customizable technologies designed to provide the most practical space science and flight heritage solutionSM. In other words, Redefine® Technologies is making it easy to get your small payload into space.


Redefine® Testbed for Responsive Experiments and Demonstrations in Space (TREADS) is the platform upon which Redefine® Self-Manifest® Suite operates. TREADS makes use of the burgeoning practice of ridesharing to enable you to more easily get your small payload into space. Learn more!

Redefine CMDRS

Redefine® Configuration Manager for Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems (CMDRS, pronounced "commanders") is an intellectual property (IP) embedded into all Redefine® Self-Manifest® flight computers. It automatically detects anomalies and mission goal changes, autonomously migrates logic to a more capable region or alternate FPGA, and ensures all Priority 1 modules are running to ensure near 100% mission survivability.


Redefine® Automated Test Pattern Generator (ATPG) provides a test platform that generates survivability statistics, graphically displays design susceptibility, and optimizes your TMR approach.


Redefine® Self-Manifest® Suite offers a pre-integration, pre-flight testing platform for your system using our Redefine® Distributed Wiring Harness (DWH).

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