Self-Manifest® Suite

The most practical space science and flight heritage solutionSM

Redefine® Self-Manifest® Suite is a full-service set of technologies designed to more frequently and more cost effectively get your small payload into orbit. Whether you're part of a university program hoping to gather science in space, a government organization executing mission/tactical objectives, or an aerospace firm seeking in-space testing, Self-Manifest® Suite is the most practical solution.

Affordable launch ridesharing with TREADS

Based on the Redefine® TREADS platform developed through a NASA Ames SBIR, and capitalizing on the burgeoning practice of launch ridesharing, Self-Manifest® Suite and its supporting technologies allow you to test your components in space at a fraction of the typical cost. For software, board-level electronics, or stand-alone components, Self-Manifest® Suite can provide a solution to fit your needs. Contact us if you're interested in seeing the 'TREADS for ORS' whitepaper which outlines even more specific DoD applications.

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