Self-Manifest Form

You're in control of your product's destiny. Let us know what technology you're considering for a Self-Manifest® flight. We will treat all information as strictly proprietary and confidential.

Flight Schedule

A list of upcoming TREADS launches. Check back for additional opportunities. Note: TREADS-B high altitude balloon flights available any time with one month notice.

Platform Approx. Date Launch Site Vacancy
TREADS-C Late 2009 LEO None
CMDRS Late 2009 ISS None
TREADS-R 2010 Suborbital None
TREADS-S Early 2012 LEO, sun-sync Vacancy!
TREADS-C 2012 LEO Vacancy!
TREADS-H 2013/2014 GEO Vacancy!

Component Manifest Form

Please fill out the Self-Manifest® Form with the information pertaining to your component. Fields labeled in red are required. If the value for a given field is as of yet unkown, please estimate or project a value. If you would rather fill out a print version of the form and physically deliver it, download the pdf version.

Also available for your convenience, our mutual non-disclosure agreement (PDF) and our mutual non-discosure agreement (DOC).

Identification and Contact

General Component Info

Desired launch timeframe:
Mass of component:
Dimensions: x x

Power Usage

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3
Continuous (W):
Max (W):
Duration of experiment (% of each day):
Data generated per 24 hrs (MB):

Data Interfaces

Please enter the number of ports required for each type of interface. Leave unneeded fields blank. If you require an interface type not mentioned, enter the type and quantity into the "other" fields.

Special Requirements

Pointing required:
Visual verification1:
Cleanliness: Class/ISO

Comments and Additional Requirements

Please voice any questions, comments, or concerns. Also, enter any additional requirements.


Please enter the following text to verify that you are human. Thank you.

1 For example, taking an image of a deployment, material degradation or Earth/star imaging to validate instrument, etc.

2 JTAG or other external interface