Image of small cylindar, TREADS-R.

TREADS-R payload

Redefine® Technologies adds value via both the physical TREADS-R platform and the services that help you get your payload launched and the appropriate data recorded. The TREADS-R platform is a 2" (5cm) tall x 10" (25cm) diameter, 1.76 lb (0.8kg) ruggedized sounding rocket system that contains redundant 3-axis accelerometers, redundant digital compasses, redundant power supplies, an optional GPS receiver (rated for high velocity and high altitude rocket operations), and optional high-speed data recording capability for the payload.

In addition to the hardware, the services that Redefine Technologies brings to the effort include coordination with launch provider, integration payload, recovery of payload (for TREADS-R and TREADS-B), mission operations, and delivery of test results. The services that each of the launch providers that Redefine uses include tracking, telemetry, integration and launch facilities, licensing, and flight envelope environment monitoring.