The Testbed for Responsive Experiments And Demonstrations in Space (TREADS) provides flight heritage for new technologies. It is a technology demonstration and scientific gathering platform specifically designed to allow investigators to easily and quickly integrate and fly their instrumentation on a full-service operational satellite. Please see our flight schedule for upcoming launch opportunities.

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Detailed Description

TREADS supports new electronics, software, and hardware. TREADS contains several standard interface slots that carry the Payloads (a.k.a. Devices-Under-Test (DUTs)) and an all-purpose flight computer to test software. TREADS supports standard Plug-n-Play Spacecraft Avionics (SPA) physical and electrical interface standards. The TREADS platform will measure the radiation experienced by the payloads, read the spacecraft sensors, exercise the payload, capture payload data, and send the telemetry to a ground station.

TREADS is a recurring flight opportunity (1-2 times per year starting in 2012) that enables your company/organization to:

The TREADS solution offers several advantages over other technology demonstration programs such as the New Millennium Program and TacSat including: 100% dedicated on-orbit testing time; multiple launch opportunities; and primary payload designation.

Please see our flight schedule for upcoming launch opportunities.

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