Triple3 Redundant Spacecraft Subsystems (T3RSS)

T3RSS is the system engineer's tool that allows a systematic approach to ensuring that even if one or more failures occur in a single component or subsystem, then the subsystem will continue to function and most, if not all, mission objectives can still be achieved. T3RSS does this by using a Configuration Manager for a Dynamically Reconfigurable System (CMDRS). This piece of logic employs a Mission Survivability Assurance Algorithm (MSAA) for the subsystem. Should radiation, manufacturing or even launch damage render a particular region of the FPGA temporarily or permanently unusable while on orbit, then the MSAA can shift the critical logic to a new region, or even to a new FPGA altogether. The shifting logic uses a network of components to maintain the ability of each logic block to communicate with the required memory and hardware. Ensuring that needed logic is always available ensures that the satellite can maintain 100% mission survivability even during failures.