Image of DWH hardware

DWH hardware

Our Distributed Wiring Harness (DWH) allows your team to perform "pre-integration" testing of the electrical and data interfaces of spacecraft components (with the actual spacecraft) while the components are still on the manufacturer's benches.

The Universal Power and Data Controller (UPDC) has full RS422, 1553, I2C, SPAS, SpaceWire, Ethernet, and other serial/parallel data connections to support each subsystem's native interfaces. Our plug-n-play TCP/IP network remotely integrates all spacecraft subsystems.

The ICD Tracking Tool supports the DWH. It is a secure, web-based software tool that serves as an Interface Control Document development and tracking tool, as well as defining the interface protocols between remote DWH components.

Diagram of DWH connections. Science, flight computer, and electrical power systems all connect to a tracking tool via the internet.

Distributed Wiring Harness (DWH) connections

DWH allows early end-to-end integration and testing of the data and electrical interfaces on any mission: