Directed Energy

Image of LEDGE hardware

Laser Energy Detection and Geolocation
Equipment (LEDGE)

Our Directed Energy research has led to several exciting innovations for the government and commercial world. Redefine's directed energy sensors are designed for geo-locating laser strikes from

For example. Our Laser Energy Detection and Geolocation Equipment (LEDGE) device is being developed for the FAA's current and immediate problem of laser strikes in the cockpit. There has been a sharp rise in the number of incidents where people shine laser pointers into the cockpit during approach and take-off of commercial and law enforcement aircraft. This is so very dangerous and it risks the lives of many people each times this occurs. The FAA is working closely with law enforcement to report each incident and apprehend the suspects. Using Redefine's LEDGE detector, we can tell the FAA and police officers exactly which house the laser strike originated from! Using LEDGE, the police can now respond within minutes of the "attack" armed with the actual purpatrators address. Within months of adopting LEDGE on aircraft, we should see a dramatic drop in the number of laser incidents reported.