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Our Company

Founded in 2004, Redefine® Technologies, Inc. is an engineering product and services firm specializing in advancing TRLs, spacecraft design, embedded programming, reconfigurable avionics, and advanced systems design for space and ground applications.

Our Mission

To provide the essential products and services necessary to advance Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and to support our customers' mission designs and implementation.


Our value-adding, customizable service called the Self-Manifest® Suite uses the Testbed for Responsive Experiments and Demonstrations in Space (TREADS™) satellite bus, designed for NASA, to launch your newest technology (software, electronics or hardware systems) into various orbits as the primary payload. You will increase your TRL and perform the science/tactical experiments you want, with minimal integration and launch cost overhead. We have developed a 100% mission survivability approach to your payloads, an ability to remotely “pre-integrate” your device, and the programming/hardware expertise acquired from 6 satellite programs over the past 8 years.


The value-added service called Technology Readiness Advancement in Leaps (TRAILS™) encompasses the engineering services provided to companies, like yours, in order to define and navigate the path-to-flight that will increase your product's TRL. Your product will receive: thorough ground testing in a relative environment (TRL 5 & 6); prototype demonstrations in an operational environment (TRL 7 & 8); and productization into an industry-standard, space-rated component that will enhance future business development efforts and missions (TRL 9).

Our Expertise

Our highly qualified engineering staff have assisted a wide variety of customers like NASA, Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, University of Colorado, Space Micro Inc., Design_Net Engineering, and ManTech/SRS Technologies. These companies have relied on Redefine® for:

  • Program Management

  • Mission Design

  • Systems Engineering

  • Assembly, Integration and Testing (AI&T)

  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

  • Flight Software, Intelligent software (scheduling, deconflicting)

  • Mission Operations

  • Structural Design and Analysis

  • Embedded electronics (software/hardware)

  • Digital, analog, board design

  • Mechanisms design

  • Wiring harness build

  • Thermodynamic design and analysis

  • Thermal-vacuum testing

  • Clean Room/Benches

  • Command and Control Centers

  • Tactical and Strategic CONOPS Development

  • Fault Detection and Recovery

  • Simulations

  • CONOPS Development

  • e-Commerce

Relevant Experience

Competitiveness & Value Proposition

Redefine® is a small business providing path-to-flight and actual flight heritage for new technologies and mission support for the critical needs of our customers. Our staff has extensive experience in systems engineering, mission operations, test operations, and ground system development for space applications. We have particular expertise in:

In addition, we have developed software and hardware tools which allow our customers to remotely integrate their flight components to our spacecraft bus. Pre-integration allows quicker and effective testing, as well as full graphic visualization interfaces for in-flight telemetry.

Redefine® is organized along Team, Program and Business lines. Our Corporate/Management Team is responsible for strategic planning, corporate financing, and day-to-day management of the company. The Administrative Team is responsible for corporate-wide business operations and administrative support. Our Engineering Team is responsible for Engineering Services.

Redefine® uses PBC Inc., a DCAA approved cost accounting support services company, to provide the cost collection, cost reporting, and schedule estimation for our corporation. Costs are collected in four main areas: labor, subcontractors, other direct costs, and indirect costs. On a monthly basis, our Administrative Team compile contract summary reports with supporting labor detail, review them for cost accuracy, and then provide them to the Management Team. The Program Management Reports provide the monitoring mechanism to track costs, and forecast future trends. At inception of a contract, budgets are entered into the system. At a minimum, budget versus actuals, are reviewed on a monthly basis. Due to the timeliness of the costs flowing from PBC, Redefine® is able to provide accurate and timely cost reporting on all contracts.



Small business

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TIN: 20-8234388

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336414 - Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing

423430 - Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers

541330 - Engineering Services

541712 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)

927110 - Space Research and Technology

Next Steps...

Look to Redefine® Technologies to provide reliability, experience and performance as a partner for your business or organization. Our innovative R&D endeavors keep our tools on the leading edge - we're continually "spinning technology into future resources TM."

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